How to Fix Mira Mesa Boulevard?

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How to Fix Mira Mesa Boulevard?

Post by dh92126 » Sat May 12, 2018 11:28 am

Mira Mesa Boulevard (MMB) gets a lot of traffic, especially during the morning and evening rush hour. Much of that traffic is between I-15 on the east and the businesses in Sorrento Valley on the west. On certain congested segments such as New Salem St to Black Mountain Rd, there is no room to widen the road.

1. Eliminate minimum parking requirements in Sorrento Valley to reduce traffic on MMB.
2. Intersections reduce the carrying capacity of a road, so eliminate lesser-used intersections and driveways that have alternate routes, and install electronic bollards so emergency vehicles can continue to pass.
3. Install queue jumper lanes for buses and emergency vehicles.
4. Install a subway under Mira Mesa Boulevard that runs from the Miramar Transit Station at the I-15 to the Sorrento Valley Transit Station on the west.
5. Run light rail through Carroll Canyon connecting the Miramar Transit Station to the Sorrento Valley Transit Station (San Diego Trolley Route 561).
6. Connect all the Carroll Canyon Road segments from the 805 to the 15 to provide an alternate to MMB.
7. Connect Libra Dr, Hydra Ln, and Galvin Ave to provide an alternate route.
8. Connect Westmore Rd at Westonhill Dr to provide an alternate route.
9. Tunnel under the park from Flanders Dr to Black Mountain Rd to provide an alternate route.
10. Connect Parkdale to Flanders just south of Salk Elementary School to provide an alternate route.
11. Connect Northrup to Camino Santa Fe to provide an alternate route.
12. Connect the cul-de-sacs just west of Challenger Middle School to provide an alternate route (needs bridges and eminent domain).
13. Connect Mercy Rd to Camino Ruiz/Calle Cristobal to provide an alternate route.
14. Connect Camino Ruiz to Camino Del Sur across the canyon and then to the 56 at Rhodes Crossing to provide an alternate route.
15. Turn Miramar Rd into a freeway.
16. Tunnel under Capricorn Way to provide an alternate route.
17. Allow business to replace each parking space with a transit pass for an employee (1 per employee max).
18. Build vanpool staging areas.
19. Incentivize staggered work times (but this may happen naturally).
20. Take traffic searching for parking off Mira Mesa Boulevard by installing parking occupancy sensors and electronic signs directing cars to the nearest available parking spaces.

A number of these "connect A to B to provide an alternate route" options should be done together in order to help split the traffic load. Flanders already gets too much traffic so we wouldn't want to make it easier for people to use it as an alternate to MMB without providing more alternates at the same time.

Any other ideas?
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