[StrongTowns] Top 5 Stories from the Week (Sept 24–Sept 28, 2018)

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[StrongTowns] Top 5 Stories from the Week (Sept 24–Sept 28, 2018)

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Here's our top content from the week.  Sign up for our email list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday.1. Dallas’s Ticking Time Bomb of Infrastructure Costsby Charles Marohn | September 26, 2018A recent D Magazine story nailed the problem with Dallas’s development pattern: the city has way more infrastructure than it can afford to maintain. But its solution—assessing local taxes differently—didn’t go far enough.2. Learning From Failureby Charles Marohn | September 24, 2018Americans need to become more tolerant of government failure. That will happen, if and when, government starts to deliver improvements iteratively, and demonstrates the capacity to learn and improve with each iteration.  3. Right-Sizing Akron’s Kenmore Boulevardby Daniel Herriges | September 25, 2018Akron, Ohio is tackling its stroad problem, one oversized boulevard at a time. “Right-sizing” this neighborhood main street will make it safer and more inviting and hospitable for small businesses.4. What Comes After NEXT?by Charles Marohn | September 21, 2018Austin needs a new Grand Bargain, one that includes everyone and exempts no one. (This is the conclusion to our five-part series on Austin’s failed overhaul of its development code, CodeNEXT.)5. Developers Are Finding Value in Less Profitable Projectsby Zack Barowitz | September 25, 2018In Portland, Maine, some established developers are venturing into filling the need for workforce housing without the help of subsidies, even though it is less profitable.Top photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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