Any interest in a Mira Mesa meetup?

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Any interest in a Mira Mesa meetup?

Post by sankey » Mon Jan 03, 2022 7:13 pm

Hi strong town san diego,

I grew up in Park Village (in Rancho Peñasquitos), then spent about 7 years in Boston for work. It was there that I first experienced a walkable neighborhood lifestyle (still, Boston isn't perfect) and allowed my drivers license to expire in protest of auto-centric urban planning. I just moved back to Park Village, bringing my firsthand experience living in a completely different urban landscape. Witnessing my surroundings now is very heartbreaking, and I feel an intense desire to take action.

I'm a big fan of the Strong Towns movement, but also many adjacent issues such as access to affordable housing, reducing consumption, reducing noise pollution, democratic socialism, short- and long-term measures against global warming, etc. I need help to prioritize my efforts. I don't yet know anybody locally that shares any of my perspectives, so I feel that I need to start casting a net:

Is there any interest in meeting up in the Mira Mesa or PQ area, perhaps as a way of jump starting the Strong Towns conversation? I'm open to anything, I mostly just need to start connecting with people here. If there's interest, then I'd recommend Jaunt coffeehouse which has some pretty pleasant and quiet outdoor seating.